Air Austral is a French airline based in the Indian Ocean island of Réunion


Air Austral is a French airline based in the Indian Ocean island of Réunion. The airline operates a combination of short-haul and long-haul flights, with a focus on serving destinations in the Indian Ocean region. Air Austral has a fleet of modern aircraft and offers a range of in-flight services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for its passengers.

For those interested in Air Austral, it is worth noting that the airline has a strong reputation for its commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Air Austral offers a variety of travel classes, including economy, premium economy, and business class, catering to the diverse needs of its passengers. The airline also provides convenient connections for travelers, making it a popular choice for those exploring the Indian Ocean region. With its focus on quality service and convenient travel options, Air Austral continues to attract a loyal customer base and remains a key player in the aviation industry.

Air Austral: A Brief Overview

Air Austral is a French airline based in the French overseas department of Réunion. Established in 1975, the airline operates scheduled services from Réunion to metropolitan France, South Africa, Thailand, India, and a number of destinations in the Indian Ocean. With its main base at Roland Garros Airport, Air Austral has a fleet of modern aircraft and is known for its quality service and strong commitment to safety.

The airline is a member of the Vanilla Alliance, a partnership between airlines in the Indian Ocean region, and has codeshare agreements with several major airlines, allowing passengers to connect to a wide range of destinations around the world. Air Austral is also known for its focus on sustainable development and environmental protection, making it a popular choice for eco-conscious travelers.

Destinations Served by Air Austral

Air Austral operates flights to a diverse range of destinations, including Paris, Marseille, Lyon, and Toulouse in France, as well as other international destinations such as Chennai, Bangkok, Johannesburg, and Mauritius. The airline also serves a number of destinations within the Indian Ocean region, including Madagascar, Mayotte, and the Seychelles.

With a focus on providing convenient connections for passengers, Air Austral offers a comprehensive network of flights that cater to both business and leisure travelers. Whether you’re looking to explore the vibrant cities of Europe, relax on the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean, or immerse yourself in the rich culture of South Asia, Air Austral has a destination for you.

Air Austral’s Fleet

Air Austral’s fleet is composed of modern and efficient aircraft, including the Boeing 777 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. These state-of-the-art planes are equipped with the latest technology, offering passengers a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience. The airline’s commitment to safety and reliability is reflected in the high standards of maintenance and care that it applies to its fleet.

By investing in new and fuel-efficient aircraft, Air Austral is able to reduce its environmental impact and offer passengers a more sustainable travel option. The airline’s fleet renewal program demonstrates its dedication to providing a high-quality and environmentally responsible service to its customers.

Onboard Service and Amenities

Passengers flying with Air Austral can expect a high level of service and comfort onboard. The airline offers a range of amenities to ensure a pleasant journey, including delicious meals inspired by the flavors of the Indian Ocean, as well as a selection of entertainment options to keep passengers entertained throughout their flight.

For passengers looking to upgrade their experience, Air Austral provides a business class offering that includes premium seating, enhanced dining options, and additional amenities to make the journey even more enjoyable. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Air Austral strives to provide a relaxing and enjoyable flight for all passengers.

Booking and Check-in Options

Air Austral offers a variety of convenient options for booking flights and checking in for your journey. Whether you prefer to book online, through a travel agent, or via the airline’s mobile app, you can easily secure your travel plans in advance. Additionally, the airline provides online check-in and self-service kiosks at the airport for a seamless start to your journey.

With a user-friendly booking system and a range of flexible check-in options, Air Austral aims to make the travel experience as convenient and stress-free as possible for its passengers. Whether you’re traveling for a quick business trip or a relaxing vacation, the airline’s efficient booking and check-in process helps to streamline your travel plans.

Special Services and Assistance

Air Austral is committed to ensuring that all passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable journey, and as such, the airline offers a range of special services and assistance options. From accommodating passengers with reduced mobility to providing special meals for dietary restrictions, the airline strives to cater to the individual needs of its passengers.

Passengers requiring special assistance or services can easily make their requests during the booking process or by contacting the airline directly. With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, Air Austral is dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive travel experience for all passengers.

Traveling with Children and Pets

For passengers traveling with young children, Air Austral offers a range of amenities and services to make the journey more comfortable for both parents and kids. From special meals for infants to in-flight entertainment options for children, the airline aims to provide a family-friendly travel experience. Additionally, the airline has clear guidelines for traveling with pets, ensuring that furry family members can also travel safely and comfortably.

By providing a range of services and amenities for families and pet owners, Air Austral aims to make traveling with children and pets as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether you’re embarking on a family vacation or relocating with your pet, the airline’s accommodating approach makes it easier to travel with loved ones.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Air Austral is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact and has implemented various sustainability initiatives to achieve this goal. The airline prioritizes fuel efficiency and carbon reduction efforts, and it continually seeks to improve its environmental performance through the adoption of eco-friendly technologies and operational practices.

From investing in modern, fuel-efficient aircraft to implementing waste reduction and recycling programs, Air Austral is committed to being a responsible steward of the environment. The airline’s focus on sustainability aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious travel options and demonstrates its commitment to protecting the planet for future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

In addition to its environmental sustainability initiatives, Air Austral is actively engaged in various corporate social responsibility efforts. The airline supports community development projects in Réunion and other regions it serves, aiming to make a positive impact on the lives of local residents and contribute to the well-being of the communities in which it operates.

Through partnerships with local organizations and the implementation of social initiatives, Air Austral is dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen. The airline’s commitment to corporate social responsibility reflects its broader mission to create a positive and lasting legacy in the areas it serves.

Partnerships and Alliances

Air Austral has established strategic partnerships and alliances with other airlines to enhance its global reach and provide passengers with seamless travel options. Through codeshare agreements and membership in the Vanilla Alliance, the airline offers an extensive network of connectivity, allowing passengers to easily access a wide range of destinations around the world.

By collaborating with partner airlines, Air Austral is able to offer its passengers more travel choices and enhanced convenience, further solidifying its position as a preferred carrier for travelers in the Indian Ocean region and beyond. The airline’s partnerships and alliances play a key role in its commitment to providing comprehensive and interconnected travel solutions for its customers.

Company Name Air Austral
Founded 1975
Headquarters Sainte-Marie, Reunion
Destinations Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania
Fleet Size 10
Website Visit Air Austral


Air Austral is a French airline based in Reunion. It was founded in 1975 and operates flights to various destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania with a fleet size of 10 aircraft.

Air Austral is a French airline based in the Indian Ocean island of Réunion

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